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This community was originally created as a dumping ground for my Buffy obsessions. It has now become a Buffy the Vampire Slayer review site. Each and every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be critiqued in this community and will be organized and ordered accordingly. Please be warned that this site WILL contain spoilers. If it is a review of an episode that you have not seen yet, please do not read it. I cannot be held responsible for ruining any plot twists or storylines for anyone that enters this site. Buffy (sadly) has been off the air for three years now and I feel that I may post and discuss anything and everything from the show as I see fit. Don't complain later because I will simply be pointing you to this bio.

Each episode will have it's own entry with either a video/clip or a screencap. The entry will include all of the information for the show, including writers, directors and it's original air date. I will firstly feature a summary of the episode so as to refresh anyone's memory (maybe you have not seen it recently? not everyone is as obsessed as me :D) and then the critique, ending with my final grade for the episode. The shows will be graded on an A through F grading scale (much like the grades given to films in the magazine Entertainment Weekly), A+ being the highest and F- being the lowest. The summary and review will be kept beneath a cut so as not to clog your friends page with useless information.

I am the only one with posting access to this community, and as of right now, it will remain that way. However, any member may post comments to my entries. Though you may disagree with my review of a certain episode, I will not put up with rude comments or the bashing of mine, or anyone else's, opinions. If you do disagree, you may comment and give your own personal opinions on the episode. If you make a good point or argument, I may feel the need to change my grade for the episode and will do so by editing the entry and describing my reasons as to why (and yes, your username will be credited to the change).

I will try to post two entries a day (two episodes a day), starting with season 1. However, my life can be busy at times so I cannot be held accountable for missing a few days. I will catch up and no episodes will be skipped or reviewed out of order.

If you need to contact me with any questions or corrected information (etc.) please feel free to leave a comment with MOD as the subject. If it is in reference to a specific entry, comment accordingly. However, if it is not answered or corrected within seven days (and you are still concerned about the topic), please post the comment, with the appropriate information, on the first entry to the community (dated June 20, 2006--you can be directed through my calender). I will be checking this entry more frequently than most (for this specific reason).

Post your thoughts and opinions as you like, though I do ask that the references made in your comment only apply to episodes that have already been critiqued.
I am trying to review the episodes as they were aired, rather than reviewing them based on later seasons. I will not be angry if you refer to a later episode as long as it applies to the comment. However, I would appreciate it if you would not compare an early episode with a later episode, if the latter has not be reviewed as of thus far. If both have been critiqued, it is free reign.
Do not correct my grammar (or anyone else's for that matter).
Unless it is simply unrecognizable or hard to understand. I am not an English major. I do not care if you are. I will try and keep my reviews as easy to read as possible. I am not that terrible of a writer, so this should not be a very big problem.
Do not bash other's opinions (or mine).
Everyone is different. Some people are Spuffy fans and some are Bangel fans. Some people like BtVS, some people like Angel. I am asking you right now to GET OVER IT. I will try and keep my preferences as neutral as possible in my reviews. I cannot promise anything however. This is of course MY review site. If you are so unhappy with my reviews (after you have expressed your opinions and we simply do not agree on anything) you are free to create your own community to critique Buffy. Actually, you are free to do this regardless. So, please, do not create unnecessary drama or arguments. I have no problems removing you from the community.

I am open to all opinions, thoughts and comments.
Please do not be scared to disagree with me.
I only ask that you are polite.