ridicule. (_cynical_beauty) wrote in thebuffyreview,

Season One

Episode Ten
Story by Joss Whedon
Teleplay by David Greenwalt
Directed by Bruce Seth Green
Air Date: 5-12-97

Residents of Sunnydale's nightmares suddenly becom reality and chaos ensues.  The gang investigates and discovers that it is the cause of a little boy in a coma who is hiding from the man that beat him after a peewee baseball game.  In order to stop the nightmares, they must wake the boy up from his sleep.

Wonderfully original.
This is one of my favorite Buffy episodes of all-time and I owe it to the horror and the humor that results from nightmares made reality.
Xander's coming to class in his underwear.
Buffy's taking a history test in a class she had never even gone to before.
Willow's performing a song that she doesn't know the words to.
Giles can't read anything.
Cordelia has a bad hair day and joins the chess club.
Spiders are crawling out of books.
A clown is chasing Xander with a knife.
Buffy is buried alive and becomes a vampire.
I just love it.

First of all, the villain (the ugly man) is terrifying.  This may be the first time that Buffy gives me the creeps.
It's incredibly suspenseful when Buffy can't get to where she is going, something that happens often in anxiety dreams, and is even buried alive by the master.
The script is incredible.
The plot is fascinating.
And the acting is perfect.

I don't have any complaints for this episode, honestly.

P.S.  Isn't Giles's scarf adorable?

That is why I give it an A+.
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