ridicule. (_cynical_beauty) wrote in thebuffyreview,

Season One

Episode Nine
The Puppet Show
Written by Dean Batali and Rob Des Hotel
Directed by Ellen S. Pressman
Air Date: 5-5-97

Sunnydale High School has a talent show and strange things are happening.  A girl is murdered, her heart taken, and the gang believes it to be a ventriloquist doll in need of organs to become a real person.

The jokes in this episode are fantastic, classic Buffy.  Principal Snyder is by far the best, creating a much more entertaining principal for the gang to argue with.  Not only is the delivery dead-on, but the script is witty and original.  Even Cordelia is funny in this episode, which was uncommon in earlier episodes.  Besides the humor, the fight scenes are breath-taking...even with a doll.  So far, I believe this may be one of the best fight scenes on Buffy.

Though the puppet is creepy, he is anything but threatening.  I have always found it ridiculous when horror movies have tiny dolls or toys attacking full-grown human beings.  And the twist at the end, when the dummy is suddenly a demon hunter trapped inside the doll's body, is entirely out of nowhere.  Even though plot twists are best when they are unpredictable, this one seems unplanned and forced.  Even the mystery is boring, as the gang goes around questioning other students about the murders.  It's unrealistic and over-done to the point that I found myself restless.

Honestly, I would give this episode a C+.
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