ridicule. (_cynical_beauty) wrote in thebuffyreview,

Season One

Episode Eight
I Robot...You Jane
Written by Ashley Gable and Thomas A. Swyden
Directed by Stephen Posey
Air Date: 4-28-97

Willow accidentally releases a demon, Moloch, onto the internet.  He pretends to be an eighteen year old boy named "Malcolm" and romances Willow through e-mails.  After brainwashing a number of other computer-nerds, Moloch has them create a metal body for him to live inside off.  He kidnaps Willow and Xander and Buffy must save her.

Willow and Giles, by far, take this episode and run with it.  Though I suppose that will be the case with most episodes, being that Anthony Stewart Head and Alyson Hannigan are the best actors of the bunch.  Willow is sweet and loveable and Giles is nerdy and cute.  I especially love his (totally lame) speech at the end about the smell of books and the lack of tangibility that computers have.

With that being said, be warned, I do not like I Robot...You Jane.
The computer geeks are terrible actors and completely drag the episode down.  The moment I found myself getting into it, they would throw one of the computer geeks in and it would just make my stomach ache.
And the argument that Jenny Calender and Giles have about whether books are better than computers?  The writers were digging deep for the chemistry (though it was there) and it's painfully obvious.
Also, the plot is the most ridiculous and unrealistic thing I have ever heard of.
Yes, I know vampires and demons and witches switching bodies isn't any better, but a demon being released onto the internet?  In a computer?  And falling in love with Willow in the process?
I don't know what it is about this plot, but I just do not care for it.

I won't completely bash this episode (it will be rare that I ever do bash something when it comes to Buffy), however, because Anthony Stewart Head and Alyson Hannigan are simply so wonderful that they save it.

And so this episode receives a C+.
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