ridicule. (_cynical_beauty) wrote in thebuffyreview,

Season One

Episode Seven

Written by David Greenwalt
Directed by Scott Brazil
Air Date: 4-14-97

Buffy learns that Angel is actually a vampire.  After struggling with the decision to kill him, he redeems himself.  He even kills his old lover, Darla.  In the end, Buffy does not kill Angel, but they both agree that is best that they not see each other anymore.  And so, they part ways...

Xander and Cordelia's arguing has finally reached the point of entertaining and humorous in the show.  Later, Xander's jealousy of Angel is extremely tangible and even loveable.  Giles and Willow bond, setting in the relationship that Buffy fans came to love so much in later seasons.  All of the characters, and actors, are settling in their "skin" (as they say) and I believe I am correct in saying that this is the first episode in the series that does away with Whedon's unsteady footing.

Buffy's relationship with her mother keeps the show exciting and suspenseful.  Having obstacles like this keeps the world of Sunnydale so much more dynamic and keeps the audience on their toes.  No wonder Buffy was so popular with non-horror-fans...Buffy's human-like qualities and her realistic friendship and relationships helps the viewer connect.

The "mystery man" from the first six episodes is finally revealed to the audience and much to our surprise and disapointment, Angel turns out to be a vampire.  This is the first episode in a while that involved vampires, so it is quite refreshing to have Buffy go back to it's roots.
The romance picks up for all the teenage girls that had been swooning over David Boreanaz all season and Buffy finally kisses Angel.  Unfortunately, it is anything but "love", rather it is a school-girl infatuation that we all know so well, and it is very unbelievable when they struggle to leave each other at the end.  It is simply ridiculous to assume that they could have been in love with each other after such a short time and with such little knowledge of their situation.  As much as some may hate me for saying this, I honestly don't think that either loved the other anymore than mystery, sex appeal and excitement.

I love this episode.
A lot.
There are many things that go into my love for this episode, and I can promise you they have little to do with Angel.

This is just straight, clean Buffy fun.

P.S.  Yes, Angel, take your jacket and shirt off.  Please.

A+ for being such a perfect summary of a fantastic show.
And trust me, I don't give just any episode an A +.
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