ridicule. (_cynical_beauty) wrote in thebuffyreview,

Season One

Episode Four
Teacher's Pet
Written by David Greenwalt
Directed by Bruce Seth Green
Air Date: 3-24-97

Xander develops a crush on a substitute teacher who turns out to be a giant preying mantis who lures virgin boys into her home to mate with and then decapitate.

The episode starts out with some ACTION.  Buffy is fighting a vampire in the bronze and it looks to be going quite well.  Surprisingly enough, Xander appears to save her, appearing suave, debonair and playing the guitar on stage.  Not surprisingly, it turns out to be a dream.  Nicholas Brendan plays Xander perfectly, especially in this episode as the dork that falls for a gorgeous teacher and also has a crush on his best friend.

The biology teacher speaks to Buffy after class and as cheesy as it may be, the scene is incredibly heart-warming.  Beyond Giles, none of the other administrators at Sunnydale High School have given Buffy much encouragement.  The biology teacher offers Buffy some comfort and even goes as far as saying: "let's make them eat that permanent record".  This moment also allows for Buffy to feel some true remorse for a victim.  His death really hits home for her since they had a bond.

Angel makes another appearance and is once again, completely over-the-top.  However, his campiness is entertaining and light-hearted.  And even for one that may disagree, I am sure they can not say that he isn't nice to look at.

The best actor, by far, in the episode is Anthony Stewart Head.  Every scene with Giles simply takes my breath away.  As much as Whedon may have intended for Buffy to steal the scenes, Giles takes them all away.  Both, as a character, and as an actor...he's perfect.

This episode is wonderful for both it's mystery and it's originality.
I also give it two thumbs up for: "What kind of a girly name is Angel anyway?"

I suppose this deserves a B+.
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