ridicule. (_cynical_beauty) wrote in thebuffyreview,

Season One

Episode Three 
The Witch
Written by Dana Reston 
Directed by Stephen Cragg 
Air Date: 3-17-97


Buffy joins the cheerleading squad to create a normal teenage persona for herself. She is still struggling with her vampire slayer identity. Something begins happening to the other cheerleaders at try-outs and the Buffy fears that she may be next. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar is finally coming into her character. She no longer seems forced in this episode and she delivers "Buffy-lines" with an ease and grace that only Sarah is capable of doing. Cordelia has even become somewhat humorous in Witch between the script and her delivery. She is no longer a cardboard cut-out of a snob but rather a witty and realistic character. I particularly enjoyed Xander's comic book comments, being that his character is becoming more cute and funny than a simple-minded dork. It's fascinating to watch both the actors and the characters grow as the series goes on. Even Willow seems to be much more dynamic with her bonding sessions with Buffy over her crush on Xander or the mystery of Angel. Buffy's character becomes much more human in Witch and the audience sees a side of her that we had possibly never thought of before. She fights with her mother and we see that her duty as a slayer is really getting in the way of not only her social life, but her family life as well. 

Another interesting factor of this episode is that it allows Buffy the Vampire Slayer to delve deeper into the realm of monsters. Buffy must face a witch. It really sets new boundaries for the show and gives it the capability to draw in a much wider audience. The viewer is left wondering what could be next? It's nost just about vampires and demons anymore. 

My favorite part of this episode however, is the scene when Giles and Buffy bond. Anthony Stewart Head creates a father-like figure for Buffy in a way that no other actor could have mastered. It warms my heart to see them together and it offers the audience a chance to bond with the characters as well. Even by the third episode, I find myself completely attached to both Giles and Buffy. 

All in all, this episode had everything. Humor. Mystery. Suspense. Horror. Plot twists. Character Development. So far in the Buffy-world, this has definitely been the best episode.

I give it a lovely A-.
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